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“Ecopreneurs for the Climate 2016” –#ECO4CLIM16-, the 2016 Edition of the Global Week of Green Business and the Climate Movement will take place on October 24-30 2016, around the world. The time is now to apply to become a climate organizer in your city, town or community.

Climate organizers are a key player in the ecosystem: by organizing an ECO4CLIM16 event in their communities, they become part of a global movement, stimulate their local green economy, and boost eco-innovation to tackle climate change. And this is only the beginning, ECO4CLIM is evolving from a global week of action in 2016 into a dynamic “glocal” community of climate action in 2017. A global network of inter-connected permanent climate innovation labs, managed by the climate organizers, is emerging, and will allow organizers to generate their own revenue and scale up impact in their communities. To find out more about the role of climate organizer in 2016, and perspectives for 2017, read on and sign up for the August 23 webinar.

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The role of climate organizer

Can I, or my organization, be a climate organizer?
You surely can. Participation is open to all professionals, private companies, or public organizations that play a substantial role in their communities’ sustainable economy ecosystem, and/or lead the way in business innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

How can I join?
Sign up for the August 23 webinar, and fill out the form bellow. We will contact you as soon as we can.

What would my role be?
You would lead, coordinate and execute all major tasks involved in the organization of an ECO4CLIM event in your community, namely: logistics management, facilitation, selection of participants for the Climate Champion Awards, and local communication campaign including relations with local media. Moreover, you would coordinate with and report progress & impact to ECO4CLIM management team. Optionally, you could also look for additional prizes for the Awards (see below).

How would ECO4CLIM’s management team assist me?
ECO4CLIM’s management team ensures the movement grows organically, maximizes knowledge creation and outreach. To achieve that, it coordinates efforts from all participants in the ecosystem, particularly assisting and interconnecting climate organizers; facilitates the exchange of information; and leads the global communication campaign. ECO4CLIM’s International Coordinator (see section 8) is at your disposal to help you run a successful event in your city, town or community.

What would I get in return?
By participating, you would:
  • Become part of an expanding global movement.
  • Position yourself and your organization at the heart of your local green economy ecosystem.
  • Connect with dozens of like-minded professionals and organizations across the world, and exchange best practices with peers.
  • Be presented with new business and partnership opportunities both in your country and internationally.
  • Contribute to sustainable development in your community by creating green jobs, boosting eco-innovation to tackle climate change, and helping local people and businesses adapt to its effects.
  • Gain great visibility and recognition via all the channels from ECO4CLIM and its network of partners.

  • An action plan to organize

    A good action plan may encompass the following steps. Keep in mind this is just a suggestion, the order of course can be altered, as can everything else, and adapted to local conditions and progress being made:
    1. Find an appropriate venue, aligned with the movement’s vision, where to host the event and pick a day within the global week of action (October 24-30, 2016) where it is available (half-day). In exchange, the organization running it will get significant visibility and promotion: mentions in press releases, marketing materials, social media … As well as a slot at the beginning of the event to present itself.
    2. Build partnerships with public and private organizations that work for a green and equitable economy in your region (key stakeholders), with a focus on ecopreneurs and SMEs. Invite them to participate in the climate innovation lab, and as part of the jury for the Awards. They will help you maximize reach (attract participants) and impact. And in exchange they will join a global movement, and get recognition, visibility, and valuable connections. Use this presentation (slide #25 to be completed by you) to explain the initiative and engage them. Share the list of local partners with ECO4CLIM so we can mention them too.
    3. Draft a press release stating the overall objectives of the initiative (see section 1), describing the local event (venue, date, lab format …), and mentioning your organization as the climate organizer in your city/community, as well all partners, including global ones. For so doing, you can simply adapt the latest official ECO4CLIM press release found at Do not forget to direct people to the web page for registration: Include the hashtag #ECO4CLIM16.
    4. Distribute the press release both to partners and local media capable of reaching out to large communities of ecopreneurs, sustainable SMEs, and green economy professionals. Share it with ECO4CLIM too (see contact info in section 8), and we will publish it on the blog.
    5. Keep promoting the event through your channels and encourage your partners to follow suit, until the very day of the event. Make sure you mention ECO4CLIM too, so that we can amplify your message. From the management team we will keep you posted on how registration goes, and share with you the database of registered participants, always in compliance data protection laws. Do not hesitate to write further articles when significant progress is made, we will publish them on the blog.
    6. Select up to 4 ecopreneurs and 4 green SMEs, among all registered (ECO4CLIM will pass you the info), to present at the Climate Champion Awards. Selection criteria is simple: most potential for impact on mitigating (reducing carbon emissions) and adaptation (preparing communities for the effects) to climate change. Contact them, several times if necessary, asking to confirm attendance and send you their Pecha-Kucha style presentations at least 3 days prior to the event.
    7. Remind all participants and partners of the event’s venue, date, time, and hashtag, about 5 days in advance, and once again on the day before.
    8. 8.Arrange the venue properly on the eve: chairs, computer and projector, whiteboard and markers, toilets, water tank … Upload the presentations (awards) to the computer.
    9. Send a new, brief press release to local media on the day of the event, early in the morning. Besides global partners as usual, mention all local collaborators and organizations that will take part, as well as the presenting ecopreneurs and green SMEs.
    10. During the event, make sure you have got enough coverage for: picture taking; tweeting (tell the hashtag at the very beginning, write it down somewhere visible and encourage everybody to tweet); film-making (optional of course, but it would be great, and some lapses will definitely make it to the global highlights video); space & IT logistics management …
    11. Take notes of all findings, and compile all materials generated (A3 sheets, post-its…)
    12. Compose a synthetic yet comprehensive report (blog post format) summarizing results and conclusions, and share it with ECO4CLIM for publication, and with all partners and participants expressing your gratitude. Also, it can serve as the basis for a third and last press release.
    13. Organize on and keep the green fire going, every day 😉

    Future perspectives: ECO4CLIM 2.0!

    ECO4CLIM is evolving. In 2017, we want to tap into the unbound potential of this emerging global ecosystem of climate organizers, ecopreneurs & SMEs, civil society organizations, stakeholders and partners, to move from a global week of action to a dynamic “glocal” community of climate practice, maximizing impact in the communities along the way.

    For so doing, we are going to set up a global non-profit organization, hire staff, develop a potent online crowdsourcing platform, and implement a business model that generates revenue for climate organizers.

    The idea is simple: a global network of well-interconnected, permanent climate innovation labs, managed by climate organizers; where activists meet ecopreneurs to design climate-champion business solutions for cities and communities, as well as companies and organizations; and partner with incubators/accelerators to scale them up. Successful models will be imported and exported from/to the network and replicated by local ecopreneurs.

    Round-the-world trip & fundraising

    To achieve the ECO4CLIM 2.0 vision presented, our management team we will travel around the world to visit the climate organizers’ cities and communities, and build and kickstart the climate innovations labs with them: working on the business model, meeting with key stakeholders, raising funds from donors and philanthropists, and transferring our eco-entrepreneurship methodology (SwitchMed) to local partnering incubators. We will beging this exciting “Ecopreneurs for the Climate – Round-The-World Trip” right after the COP22, in Morocco in November.

    To get there, we need to do a lot of fundraising, which we will channel through a global crowdfunding campaign, to be launched in early september. It will combine crowdfunding with sponsorship, and will establish an advisory board. On top of it all, it will also add prizes for the winners of the 2016 Climate Champion Awards. So, climate organizers, partners and eco-changemakers, join us in this incredible journey into the future of climate innovation and action 😉

    Become a climate organizer

    1. Download the Climate Organizer Kit:

    2. Fill out the following form and we will contact you:

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