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We are proud to announce the establishment of a game-changing partnership, for the great benefit of ecopreneurs all across Africa. Thanks to the connection with its founder -Steve Arowolo-, made possible by Olukayode Alao (see our dynamic climate organizers), Green Shift Africa has now joined ECO4CLIM’s network of global partners.


Green Shift Africa is a Pan-African NGO that focusses on advancing Africa’s Green Economy sector, it has footprints and network in all the five regions of Africa. The vision for the conceptualisation of Green Shift Africa has been borne out of the imperative of forging new partnerships that could address some of the pressing challenges on the continent; adopting over the years pragmatic approaches for this purpose. Recently, it has launched Project GEO to tackle the high levels of joblessness and unemployment in Africa, by creating opportunities for young and aspiring African Green Entrepreneurs.


Our collaboration begins within the framework of #ECO4CLIM16 global week of climate action (October 24-30), for wich Green Shift Africa is going to engage its ecosystem of regional coordinators spread all over Africa, in order to reach out to climate organizers, ready to step in and lead ECO4CLIM16 events in their communities. To this end, Green Shift Africa will raise funds, and forge partnerships with like-minded organizations. On a second stage, we envisage co-building a network of climate innovation labs across Africa, as part of ECO4CLIM’s next phase of development. Looking into the future, we want to express our firm conviction that our collaboration with Green Shift Africa will blossom into a long, high-impact one, with young Africans as its main direct beneficiaries.


Steve Arowolo, a Global Change Specialist, is the Founder and CEO of the Green Shift Africa. Steve possesses advanced academic and professional training in the field of Global Environmental Change, he specialises in Climate Change and Development, having obtained an advanced Master’s degree, MSc. from the University of Cape Town. Steve believes that issues relating to climate Change and Development should form integral part of governance and policy advocacy in Africa. Steve is passionate about people, politics and the planet.