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For our second chapter of the “ECO4CLIM climate organizers” series, we portray Stéphane Affo Biao, a true eco-changemaker in Lomé, Togo:


Stéphane Affo Biao

Stéphane works as environmentalist for a rural development association AGRO-DR, research assistant for Forestry (REDD+) and Climate at YVE TOGO (Young Volunteers for Environment); and as consultant in reforestation monitoring, environmental protection projects. He is co-founder of an association, APEDD which purpose is to contribute to sustainable management of environment and natural resources in a participative and integrated way. Biao has a B.Eng. in General Forestry and M.Eng. in Natural resources ecology and management from National School for Forestry Engineers in Rabat (Morocco).


ECO4CLIM16 event in Lomé, Togo:

Thanks to Stéphane Affo Biao, ECO4CLIM16 -the 2016 Global Week of Green Business and the Climate Movement- has arrived in Lomé, Togo; gathering key green economy stakeholders from the city’s ecosystem, and giving ecopreneurs the chance to present their projects and impacts at the Climate Champion Awards. Here are the event’s details. Be a part!

  • OrganizerJeunes Volontaires pour l’Environnement (JVE)
  • Contact info – Stéphane Affo Biao,
  • On Twitter – @affo_steph
  • Event’s date (yyyy-mm-dd) – 2016-10-25
  • Start time – 08:00
  • End time – 12:00
  • Venue – Blue Zone, Agoè Cacavéli
  • Address – Blue Zone, Agoè Cacavéli, Lomé, TOGO

  • Attend