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In 2015, at the historic COP21 in Paris, we took part in one of the few workshops entirely dedicated to bringing to light the contribution to the Climate Movement of the “small people” in economic terms: ecopreneurs and green SMEs. “Opportunities and challenges for SMEs in realising the COP21 vision”, it was entitled (conclusions). An official EU side event, organised by, a global partner of ours. A truly visionary one. For it anticipated what it is now a given: that it is indeed these “small people” who hold the key to a truly sustainable and fair future for all. Ecopreneurs and green SMEs providing innovative solutions to the climate riddle. Solutions that create quality jobs, redistribute wealth, and empowering communities.

In 2015, 7 cities across 4 countries celebrated the first Global Week of Green Business and the Climate Movement to bring together companies and civil sociey for the common, greater good. Days later, we traveled to Paris to celebrate and let the world know of these extraordinary changemakers, represented by its Global Climate Champion. In 2016, this growing movement has tripled impact, reaching 22 cities in 15 countries for the second edition of its global week (#ECO4CLIM16). Now, we come to Marrakech, for the COP22, with solutions to put the Paris Agreement into real action. Fittingly, the 2016 Global Climate Champion comes from Paris. From Paris to Marrakech, and from Earth to Marrakech, a global initiative we are honored to join and support.


COP22 event details

Date, schedule and venue: November 18, 14:00-15:30, Green Zone (room to be confirmed)

  • Ecopreneurs for the Climate
  • Aribat Moubadara/Rabat Initiative; et Entrelles des Femmes Entrepreneures Rabat Salé Kénitra

  • Synopsis:
    The contribution of ecopreneurs and green SMEs to mitigating and adapting to climate change via sustainable, collaborative, and equitable businesses; and thus to the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

    Program and speakers:
    • Rachida Yacoubi (president of the Aribat Moubadara/Rabat initiative; and Entrelles des Femmes Entrepreneures): results from the SwitchMed and Cleantech programs in Morocco, ecopreneurs that participated, and green SMEs developed.
    • Female ecopreneur, member of the “Entrelles des Femmes Entrepreneures” association.
    • Jesus Iglesias (international coordinator of ECO4CLIM): results and winning projects from the 2016 Global Week of Green Business and the Climate Movement (#ECO4CLIM16, October 24-30).
    • Cyril Colin (co-founder of Elum Energy, ECO4CLIM16 global winner): “Elum Energy” startup, provider of tailored microgrid intelligent solutions.
    • Other prestigious experts from Morocco, France and different countries have been invited, and will confirm their participation soon.


    Les “Ecopreneurs pour le Climat”, de Paris à Marrakech avec des solutions au changement climatique d’entreprises durables – COP21 → COP22

    Date, horaire et lieu: 18 Novembre, 14:00-15:30, Zone Verte (espace à confirmer)

  • Ecopreneurs for the Climate
  • Aribat Moubadara/Rabat Initiative; et Entrelles des Femmes Entrepreneures Rabat Salé Kénitra

  • Thématique:
    La contribution des écopreneurs et PMEs vertes à la mitigation et adaptation au changement climatique à travers d’entreprises durables, collaboratives et équitables; et donc à la mise en oeuvre de l’Accord de Paris et les Objectifs de Développement Durable de l’ONU.

    Programme et intervenants:
    • Rachida Yacoubi (présidente de l’initiative Aribat Moubadara/Rabat; et Entrelles des Femmes Entrepreneures): résultats de programmes SwitchMed et Cleantech au Maroc, écopreneurs participants et PMEs vertes crées.
    • Éco-entrepreneuse membre de l’association Entrelles des Femmes Entrepreneures.
    • Jesus Iglesias (coordinateur international d’ECO4CLIM): résultats et projets gagnants de l’Edition 2016 de la Semaine Globale de l’Economie Verte et le Mouvement pour le Climat (#ECO4CLIM16, 24-30 Octobre).
    • Cyril Colin (co-fondateur d’Elum Energy, vainqueur global d’ECO4CLIM16): startup “Elum Energy”, fournisseur de solutions d’intelligence pour micro-réseaux électriques.
    • D’autres experts de prestige du Maroc, de la France et plusieurs pays ont été invités, et confirmeront leur participation bientôt.

    cyrilcolin_2 ecoentrepreneurship_switchmed_morocco_june2015
    Cyril Colin, receiving the 2016 Climate Champion diploma, for Elum Energy Jesus Iglesias and Rachida Yacoubi working together to empower Moroccan ecopreneurs under the SwitchMed program