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Every year, ECO4CLIM coordinates the Global Week of Green Business and the Climate Movement. A week of activities, comprising expert panels and the Climate Champion Awards, taking place in cities and communities across the world; and aimed at empowering ecopreneurs and scaling up green business solutions that tackle climate change. In 2015, ECO4CLIM15 reached 7 cities in 4 countries, contributing with the voice of game-changing ecopreneurs and SMEs to the historic Paris Agreement at the COP21 Climate Summit in Paris. Last year, ECO4CLIM16 tripled impact, holding events in 22 cities across 16 countries, and bringing tangible solutions to the COP22 in Marrakech.

The 2017 Edition –ECO4CLIM17– is already warming up now, and will be held on October 2-8 2017, with the global winner participating in the COP23 Climate Summit in Bonn (Germany) on November 6-17. You can already pre-register below.


On the week of October 2-8 2017, the cities and communities involved in ECO4CLIM17 will organize a multi-stakeholder expert panel to explore climate solutions at the local level, followed by the Climate Champion Awards to promote climate-impacting ecopreneurs. Over the course of half a day, the program follows this structure (durations are approximate and may vary locally):
  • Expert panel on “climate challenges and green business opportunities” (1h30): roundtable with key green economy stakeholders (businesses, civil society, academia, public agencies, financial institutions, media…), followed by an open debate; to identify concrete challenges posed by climate change locally, and then outline opportunities for ecopreneurs to build green business solutions to tackle them.
  • Break (15 min.)
  • Climate Champion Awards (1h45): pre-selected local green businesses and ecopreneurs pitch their climate impacts to a diverse audience, focusing on the mitigation and adaptation/resilience solutions they provide; and a mixed jury (experts + audience) decides the winners.

Climate Champions Awards

As a fitting close to “Ecopreneurs for the Climate 2017”, the Climate Champion Awards will be granted to the best & brightest green businesses (established SMEs) and ecopreneurs (idea or project stage) at each venue. If your project can reduce carbon emissions (mitigation) and help adapt to the effects of climate change (adaptation/resilience), then do not hesitate and pre-register. You will be able to present it in front of the green economy ecosystem of your region, and win multiple prizes, including a trip to participate in the COP23 Climate Summit in Bonn (Germany) in November 2017!

Participants will join one of these two categories:
  • Green business: established SMEs
  • Ecopreneur: entrepeneurs at the idea or project stage

  • Companies or projects will be assessed on the basis of the following evaluation criteria:
  • Strength and complementarity of the team.
  • Innovative approach to any and all aspects of the project: business model, implementation, communication, impact measurement, etc.
  • Financial sustainability: revenue streams vs cost structure balance.
  • Impact, or potential of impact, on climate change mitigation -reduction of carbon emissions-, and adaptation/resilience of local communities to its effects.

  • At each venue, there will be one winner per category. Prizes will vary, and may include:
  • Membership to green business networks: one or several years of free membership to local, national or sector-specific green business networks
  • Promotion by media: personal interviews by media partners (at national and international level) and special mention in ECO4CLIM’s annual report
  • Mentoring sessions by global partners and experienced members of sustainable business networks
  • Participation in the COP23 Climate Summit: among all winners worldwide, a few (number to be announced) will be selected to participate, all expenses covered, in the COP23 Climate Summit to be held in Bonn (Germany) on November 6-17 2017, along with representatives from ECO4CLIM. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make the voice of green SMEs heard by world leaders!!

  • Registration & venues

    Pre-register to attend the event closest to your location, or express your interest in having one in your community. Come to ECO4CLIM17 to participate in expert panels and open debates around climate solutions; present your green business or project at the Climate Champion Awards 2017, and be part of this growing movement:

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