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#ECO4CLIM17 -the 2017 Global Week of Green Business and the Climate Movement- is taking shape, and will happen on October 2-8. Last year, 22 cities from 16 countries, 100 organizations, 700 green economy professionals and changemakers participated in ECO4CLIM16, impacting millions of people on social media. Now, it is your chance to join this growing “glocal” movement, by organizing an event in your city, town, or community, during that week in October. With your contribution, we expect to reach at least 30 cities in 20 different countries all around the globe.

On top of all, our global week always concludes at the annual UN Climate Summit (COP). In this manner, ECO4CLIM15 global winner presented at the historic COP21 in Paris. Last year, we participated in the COP22 (“the Solutions COP”) in Marrakech. And this year, ECO4CLIM17 global climate champion will represent our global network at the COP23 in Bonn, Germany.

ECO4CLIM17 events

They are simple and easy to put together, lasting half a day (3-4h), and consisting of:
  • Expert panel on “climate challenges and green business opportunities” (1h30): roundtable with key green economy stakeholders (businesses, civil society, academia, public agencies, financial institutions, media…), followed by an open debate; to identify concrete challenges posed by climate change locally, and then outline opportunities for ecopreneurs to build green business solutions to tackle them.
  • Break (15 min.)
  • Climate Champion Awards (1h45): pre-selected local green businesses and ecopreneurs pitch their climate impacts to a diverse audience, focusing on the mitigation and adaptation/resilience solutions they provide; and a mixed jury (experts + audience) decides the winners.

Webinar for organizers

On May 3, at 3:00pm CEST (UTC+2), we will hold a webinar to guide candidates through the process of organizing an ECO4CLIM17 event, touching upon the following aspects:
  1. ECO4CLIM16: results and lessons learned
  2. Objectives and expectations
  3. Planning
  4. Partnership building
  5. Fundraising
  6. Long-term vision: from an event to a climate innovation lab


So, if you and your organization want to boost the green economy ecosystem and take the climate movement in your city or community to the next level, register now to attend this webinar and be part of the Green Revolution 🙂

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