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Degrowth and the climate movement have a lot in common! This synergy can offer new energy potential for the global change” says Oksana Udovyk, team member of ECO4CLIM.

Oksana went to represent “Ecopreneurs for the Climate” (ECO4CLIM) and give several lectures on entrepreneurship and design thinking for sustainability during the annual degrowth summer school in Germany. “I was sharing ideas of creating new strategies or products that are needed in society and nature. This is something opposite from creating products and after trying to convince people that they need them, so called marketing”.

Together with other participants, Oksana was living in the tent in the German forest, experiencing alternatives lifestyle: anti-authoritarian self-organisation, own energy supply, compost toilets, music and much more!

In addition to the education part, degrowth and climate change supporters were developing strategies and actions to be implemented later in August 24 to 29, during the action days. This year different forms of actions took place next to each other in a solidary fashion. This included demonstrations, small group actions, human chains, civil disobedience and more. Most of them focused on climate change and resistance against lignite, but degrowth ideas were also very present. Most of the actions talked about the roots of both climate change and current sustainability crisis: a perverted economic and governance systems. Thus, all the participants agreed: It is not about Climate Change – it is System change we need!

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