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Title and acronym: Regeneration and Optimisation of Cultural heritage in creative and Knowledge cities (ROCK)
Funding: European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, under grant agreement No 730280
Lead Applicant: Comune di Bologna
Duration: 36 months, from May 2017 to April 2020

Historic city centres, living labs for urban regeneration

ROCK brings together 32 partners from 13 countries. Together, we aim at turning historic city centres into living labs to harness the transformative power of cultural heritage for regeneration, sustainable development, and citizen-led innovation, across and among cities. We will test different interventions and find effective approaches that can be replicated and scaled up.

A collaborative network of cities

Bologna (Italy), Lisbon (Portugal), and Skopje (Macedonia) -the replicator cities’-, are implementing a series of activities building on best practices and high-impact heritage-led regeneration projects from seven ‘role model’ cities: Athens (Greece), Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Eindhoven (Netherlands), Liverpool (UK), Turin (Italy) and Vilnius (Lithuania).

ROCK’s replicator cities: Lisbon, Bologna and Skopje

ROCK’s network of collaborative cities and synergies among them

Our role

Grounded on these foundations, Ecopreneurs for the Climate’s contribution to ROCK revolves around fostering an SME-based, inclusive and green economy in the target cities, along 3 major areas of work:
  1. Reinforce local green economy ecosystems, engaging all major stakeholders
  2. Boost eco-entrepreneurship
  3. Facilitate the transfer and exchange of sustainable innovation among cities, across Europe
To this end, we are undertaking a series of activities, including: multi-stakeholder ideation and business co-ceation (Hackathons); training of trainers and managers on sustainable business incubation; consultation on effective green funding; marketplace and investment forum for high-impact ecopreneurs; compilation and dissemination of best green economy practices; design of replication methodology for new cities; drafting policy recommendations towards a facilitating regulatory framework for a green economy; public outreach; and political advocacy on EU level.

In particular, together with local ROCK partners, we are co-organizing green hackathons in the 3 replicator cities (Bologna on May 26-27, Lisbon on July 21-22, and Skopje in early october): 2-day co-creation marathons addressed at university students, young professionals and entrepreneurs, and aimed at boosting eco-entrepreneurship, sustainable business innovation, and collaborative networks, all key levers for effective and inclusive solutions to the city’s environmental challenges, including climate change. Check out the upcoming Bologna ROCK Hackathon 2018 for instance.