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Young Ecopreneurs Climathons 2018


In 2018, from spring to autumn, cities from the global network, led by Ecopreneurs for the Climate (ECO4CLIM), are running climate-focused hackathons (“climathons”) addressed at young professionals, entrepreneurs and senior students, aimed at boosting eco-entrepreneurship, sustainable innovation, and collaborative networks of cities, all key levers for climate action.


  • Identify city-level challenges related to climate change, both in terms of mitigation and adaptation
  • Co-create sustainable & inclusive business solutions
  • Train young professionals, entrepreneurs and senior students on climate change, eco-entrepreneurship and sustainable innovation
  • Strengthen local green economy ecosystems
  • Connect cities and foster exchanges of best practices and models among them

Who are they for?

  • Young professionals
  • Senior students at university or postgraduate studies
  • Young ecopreneurs

What is the value created for participants?

They can gain or benefit from:
  • Specific knowledge on climate change
  • Competences on eco-entrepreneurship and sustainable innovation
  • Internships and jobs in sustainability
  • End-of-studies projects, PhDs, and incubation programs
  • Ideas, opportunities, and partners for business creation
  • Participation in major national & international events (see prizes)


Climathons last 2 full days, structured around 4 working sessions, with contents varying slightly from city to city:
  • Day 1 – morning: inspiring talks from impact ecopreneurs, identification and framing of local climate challenges, solution design (I – objectives, customers, partners and stakeholders)
  • Day 1 – afternoon: solution design (II – value proposition, business model, communication strategy and stakeholder engagement), prototype building
  • Day 2 – morning: prototype testing, feedback gathering and enhancement
  • Day 2 – afternoon: rehearsals, pitches to audiende & jury, awards ceremony and networking
About the methodology, diverse teams of 4-6 members are formed, expert facilitators guide the work via the “Green Business Canvas” or similar frameworks, and mentors share their views and experience.


Organizers and partners grant valuable prizes to the winning teams, in the form of services, resources, or opportunities such as:
  • Project development through Bridge for Billions (online incubator specializing in social impact), other incubators from partners, and/or corporate accelerators
  • Internships or jobs in companies or organizations
  • Presentation at the 2018 Global Week of Ecopreneurs and Cities for the Climate (#EcoCities4Climate18, November 5-11)
  • Possibility to participate in the 2018 UN Climate Change Conference – COP24 (Katowice, Poland, December 3-14)
  • Possibility to participate in other relevant national fora in each country

Host cities, calendar, partners and registration

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