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San Francisco Climate Innovation Journey 2018


A multi-day, business journey to experience San Francisco & the Silicon Valley’s vibrant climate innovation ecosystem, boost international partnerships and exchanges of high-impact solutions, and participate in the Global Climate Action Summit (September 12-14).


In San Francisco and the Silicon Valley, in the USA


September 5-14, 2018; before and during the Global Climate Action Summit (Sept. 12-14)

Who is this for?

Large companies, startups, and city councils

Who organizes?

Ecopreneurs for the Climate as global coordinator, in cooperation with Impossible Labs as local organizer (Silicon Valley immersion team), and Silicon Gràcia managing the Barcelona delegation.

Value created

Through the Journey, participating companies will:
  • Instill an innovation mindset throughout the company
  • Reinvent and improve their R&D division
  • Grow their startup investment and/or partnership program
  • Meet and collaborate with agile & disruptive startups

Zooming in (specific objectives), they will:
  • Get to know San Francisco & Silicon Valley’s climate innovation ecosystem, meet its key stakeholders, and understand its main strengths
  • Forge international partnerships with fellow leading corporations and exchange high-impact solutions/li>
  • Receive insights from a wide range of innovators: incubators, entrepreneurs, design thinking, venture capitalists, big corporations, maker spaces
  • Interact, invest, and collaborate with disruptive startups

San Francisco & Silicon Valley ecosystem

This innovation-to-action program will permit interaction with change agents, leading organizations and key stakeholders from Impossible Lab’s influencer network such as (see schedule below for specifics):
  • Large companies: Google, Tesla, Facebook, Free Electrons, GreenBiz Group
  • Universities & think tanks: Stanford, UC Berkeley, Singularity University, Reimagine science, Institute for the Future
  • Research institutes & labs: NASA, Google [X], IDEO, Energy Excelerator, Free Electrons
  • Municipal & regional governments: San Francisco City Council, Sustainable Silicon Valley, State of California
  • Investors, venture capitalists & financial institutions: Y combinator, Etho capital, Cleantech group, Impact venture capital, Comet labs
  • Startup scene: Otherlab, We are all Makers, Kickstarter, Dragon Innovation, BioCurious


The 10-day climate innovation immersion in the San Francisco Bay Area has been tailored for a group of 10 to 20 business unit leaders. Its overarching goal is to spread a mindset of innovation throughout the participating companies that will enable them to build new capabilities, especially in the following focus areas:
  • Post-Hydrocarbon Economy
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Sustainable Construction
  • Sustainable Transport and Logistics
  • Supply Chain
  • Consumer Trends

Insights and fresh ideas on innovations, solutions, new technologies, consumer trends, and business models shaping the future of the post-hydrocarbon economy. The San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley is the epicenter of technological innovation, in particular for sustainability and climate change solutions. Corporate innovation modules will take participants to the campuses of Silicon Valley’s most well-known corporate leaders, who will share their stories in a way that is adaptable and inspiring.
1. Synergy Workshop
A peer learning meeting with the other executives on the Climate Innovation Journey. Amplify the inspiration, connections, and fun of the journey with introductions, questions, and the agenda for the week
2. Design Thinking Workshops
Walkthrough the Design Thinking processes with experienced practitioners in design and business model generation. Explore how to startups conduct user interviews, generate ideas with groups, sketch solutions, and tell the world about a new concept, with a special focus on designing for the program’s focus areas.
3. Startup Showcase
Startup showcase features five startups in dynamic question-and-answer sessions, and small group discussions. The startup showcase offers personal and direct relationships with startups developing the underpinning technology for future capabilities.
4. Meet Disruptors – Insider access to startups
Visits to disruptive startups and corporations. Impossible Labs will collaborate with their network of local startup hubs (accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces, maker spaces) to build programming designed to enlighten and inspire. See beyond the polished presentation and pitch, visit the processor fab facility built in a garage, or the biotech lab in a bedroom where companies are born. Hear the founder’s story in person: early stage teams, journey to the unknown, pivoting, the struggle, what is a good day?
5. Through the Eyes of a Venture Capitalist
Meet behind the scenes operators, the Venture Capitalists who judge startups on a daily basis, betting on success, against the odds. Gain insight into evaluating opportunities, celebrating success, and failing gracefully through a roundtable with our favorite San Francisco Venture Capitalists.
6. Leadership Retreat
Leadership retreat in Napa Valley, California, to relax and find inspiration for strategic planning and team building.
7. Global Climate Action Summit: Coming Together
Attend events as part of the Global Climate Action Summit, and take part actively as speakers and organizers of a specific workshop/ to share the journey’s findings with a public audience.


The program will comprise 2 sessions per work day, each lasting 3 hours, from 9 AM – 12PM in the mornings, and 1 PM – 4 PM in the afternoons.

Wed Sep 5 Thu Sep 6 Fri Sep 7 Sat Sep 8 Sun Sep 9 Mon Sep 10 Tue Sep 11 Wed Sep 12 Thu Sep 13 Fri Sep 14
Synergy Design Thinking Visit Startups Retreat Day Off Startup Showcase Design Thinking Summit Summit Design Thinking
Design Thinking Design Thinking Visit Startups Retreat Day Off Meet Investors Design Thinking Summit Summit Review the Week

The road to the Global Climate Action Summit

The UN Foundation-led Earth To Coalition, to which we belong since the COP22 UN Climate Conference, is organizing a series of weekly global online activations to step up ambition on the road to the Global Climate Action Summit, starting May 22. We will take part in the #StepUp2018 #GCAS2018 conversation.


Silicon Valley Immersion Team: Impossible Labs

Impossible Labs, Inc. is a mission-driven and project-focused San Francisco-based corporate innovation services provider focused on accelerating the post-hydrocarbon economy by helping G1000 companies create, build, and launch new ventures in food, air, energy, and water, within their organization. Impossible Labs is pioneering the Lean Pilot method for integrating the technology and mindset of startups into large organizations. The Lean Pilot is a project-focused, results-driven complement to traditional corporate-startup engagement tools, such as investment and acquisition.

Tito Jankowski – Co-founder, CEO, Impossible Labs
Tito is an entrepreneur and has also been a biohacker, a hardware manufacturer, a medical device designer, a patent infringer, and a sailor. Prior to launching Impossible Labs, he co-founded the BioCurious award-winning biotech incubator, and was partnerships manager at Runway Incubator, connecting startups and Fortune 500 corporates including AT&T and Lenovo. Tito holds a Sc.B in Biomedical Engineering from Brown University.
Matthew Eshed – Co-Founder, Director of Programs, Impossible Labs
Matthew leads Product and Operations of Impossible Labs. His mission is to support technology that enables a stronger bond between humans and nature. He has designed, piloted, and launched manufacturing systems for high-tech (consumer 3d printers, internet of things), medium-tech (roof shingles), and low-tech (artisan cookies) products, and is a strong advocate for Cradle to Cradle principles. Formerly, he was Product Manager at Makerbot during $500M Stratasys acquisition, and also led a $5M pilot program with AIG and Human Condition Safety.
Doug Solomon – Innovation Thought Leader
Doug Solomon is the formerly CTO of IDEO, as well as SVP Corporate Development at Apple, VP of Investments at Omidyar Network, Chief Strategy Officer at Palm, and a Technology Advisor for Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Global Coordination: Ecopreneurs for the Climate

Ecopreneurs for the Climate (ECO4CLIM) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to boost the creation and scale up the impact of sustainable, cooperative and sound business solutions to climate change; through a global network of city-based climate innovation labs –, thus contributing to implementing the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Luis Morales – Co-founder & Partnerships Director, ECO4CLIM
Luis manages partnership and relations with stakeholders, and takes part in international cooperation projects bringing in his expertise in social ecology and environmental sustainability. He has co-founded several social enterprises like Incubaeco -a green business incubator-, and business associations like ECOVE. Also, he is member of the board of -the European Sustainable Business Federation-, a regular columnist and a teacher.
Jesus Iglesias – Co-founder & International Coordinator, ECO4CLIM
Jesus leads international cooperation projects, and coordinates, a global network of climate innovation labs. He has co-founded several social enterprises like Incubaeco -a green business incubator-, and business associations like ECOVE; has worked for UNEP, Paris Observatory, CNES, SETI, and UC Berkeley. Also, he is a regular columnist, facilitator and speaker at international fora.

Barcelona Delegation Coordination Team: Silicon Gràcia

Silicon Gràcia is a non-profit association that is weaving an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Barcelona’s Gràcia neighborhood, to connect coworking, companies, startups, entrepreneurs, neighborhood and external actors, in order to do business and generate synergies.

Eda Padua – Co-founder and Director of Partnerships, Silicon Gràcia
Eda Padua is a serial entrepreneur specializing in consulting and marketing strategies. She is the co-founder of Silicon Gràcia, founder of CREA Careers and is involved in many projects to promote entrepreneurship.

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