Here are our climate champions, the ecopreneurs that won awards at the annual Global Week of Green business and the Climate Movement:

2016 Climate Champions

  • Ibero-Rest (ecopreneur): project design for the ecological restoration of degraded natural areas.
  • Tech4plus (SME): development and application of wastewater treatment technologies, in particular, thermal hydrolysis through a TH4+ process.
  • Green Age NGO (ecopreneur): sustainable development strategies, environmental education and environmental projects with open source outcome.
  • ARK Armenia (SME): development of infrastructure for sustainable ecotourism services in Southern Armenia, including hiking, camping, organic farming, fitness & volunteerism.
  • Sameh Hafsa (ecopreneur): solar-powered water desalination
  • Green Essential (SME): extraction of essential oils from medicinal herbs such as rosemary, mint, geranium, etc.; while supporting women in rural regions of Tunisia
  • OEEX (1st, single): peer-to-peer marketplace to connect regional energy producers, energy suppliers and customers in a smart energy community to share and trade their energy for better efficiency and use of local renewable energies.
  • Breeze (2nd, single): air quality data, insights and recommendations to increase workforce health and productivity and to create a baseline for smart cities to measure the effect of ongoing citizen well-being projects.
  • Sharecy (3rd, single): food savings through an efficient matching app, which allows food businesses to save resources, CO2 emissions and money. 
  • Fresh Square (audience prize, single): “smart garden” project that grows veggies in an organic soil, complying with the organic regulation at home.
  • CeroCeo2 via its project Green Urban Data (single): collection of satellite data and use of big data to measure and improve the environmental quality of cities
  • 30 Días en Bici (SME): fostering the daily use of the bicycle to enrich our lives, care for the planet Earth and make cities friendlier.
  • Soty Solar (ecopreneur): online marketplace that brings together rooftop owners and energy companies, for the former to rent their rooftop to generate photo-voltaic solar energy investment-free, thus reducing their electricity bills.
  • Elum Energy (single): software-as-a-service company developing the Energy OS, the first energy intelligence platform providing tailored micro-grid solutions.
  • Pandorahub (1st, single): a movement driven by the concern to build an alternative productive lifestyle, which aspires to become a network of startups, digital nomads, makers, organizations and places in harmony with nature and people.
  • Slow Sea (2nd, single): an “eco shipyard lab”, where green, zero-emission boats are built, combining scientific, ecological, and navigation progress.
  • Climate Change Pioneers (single), StC Projects (Pty) Ltd (single), and Winterveld Recycling Art Project (single): info to come
  • Richard (ecopreneur), and Glenda (SME): info to come
  • GREEN HUB (ecopreneur): multi-storey building right in the heart of Phnom Penh city where sustainable life styles come into practice; people can access ideas/knowledge/resources on green & sustainability, and feel inspired & fall in love with nature.
  • SGFE Cambodia (SME): provides an alternative sustainable cooking fuel (char-briquettes from biomass waste like coconut shells) to the Cambodian population, to replace the traditional charcoal.
  • Juan Paredes Portela (ecopreneur): construction of fish passage devices in the first four dams of the “Miño – Sil” river basin, promoting the development and growth of native fish populations for commercial and recreational interest.
  • Revertia (SME): integral waste management service to re-use and/or recycle the waste generated by companies and institutions, with special focus on reusing obsolete IT equipment to extend its lifetime. Alternatives are compared over their carbon footprint.
  • REWET -REduce Water Evaporation in Trees- (single): reduction of irrigation water consumption in the palm cultivation system, through an innovative tool that allows farmers to produce better fruits (dates) as well.
  • PEAR Carbon Offset Initiative – “EGAO” project (single): mini-solar home system providing opportunities to people without electricity in developing countries. Being 5-10 times brighter than solar lanterns, it permits room lighting using LED, light bulbs…