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Our global coordination team enables and maximizes the flow of innovation and best practices across the network, by coordinating the work of climate organizers, animating crowdsourcing challenges, managing the common online platform and IT tools, building relations with global and media partners, leading communications, raising funds, and measuring and reporting impacts to all our stakeholders.

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Luis Morales

Artur Nadcrinicinii

Jesus Iglesias

Partnerships & Institutional Relations

Consulting & Partnerships – Eastern Europe & Asia

International Coordination


Luis manages relations with global and media partners, ensuring ECO4CLIM works with like-minded organizations to jointly boost the green economy and grow the climate movement worldwide. As a socio-ecologist and environmental consultant, he has participated in numerous consulting projects related to sustainability and urban mobility, environmental assessment and land use. In 2009 he took a turn in his career to start his own professional project, and has since co-founded several social businesses like Emprendae, Incubaeco, Greenbiz, and now ECO4CLIM. He is a member of various organizations and professional associations, including ECOVE -Spanish Green Business Association- of which he is the President. He collaborates regularly with various congresses; and is a regular columnist in sustainable mobility and green economy matters, and teacher of specialized courses and postgraduate masters.

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Artur leads expert consulting projects, brokers partnerships and manages projects in Eastern Europe & Asia. He is an international consultant on social business development, has worked with the Sustainable Consumption and Production Regional Activity Center UNEP/MAP, and been a business broker for UNDP and other development-focused international organizations. He holds a degree in Economics and postgraduate MBA. He has 10+ years of previous professional experience in the private sector and has covered various fields in the areas of strategic and operational planning, sectoral studies & market research as well as business partnerships, trade and investment promotion.



Jesus coordinates ECO4CLIM’s global network of city-based labs, enabling the exchange of innovation, best practices, and high-impact models among cities and partners. He specializes in strategy, business models, communication, empowerment of changemakers and movement building. Over the course of his career, he has co-founded several social businesses like Emprendae, Incubaeco, Greenbiz, ECOVE, and now ECO4CLIM; has been a consultant for UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme); a researcher and engineer in Space & Earth System Science at the Paris Observatory (France), CNES (French Space Agency), SETI-NASA (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute), and the University of California Berkeley in the US.

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Rodolfo Cascú

Raquel Gil

Enrique Estrela

International Cooperation – South America

Digital Communication – Verdes Digitales

Communication & Marketing – Verdes Digitales


Rodolfo coordinates ECO4CLIM’s network in South America, with a strong focus on international cooperation projects amied at fostering climate innovation exchanges between cities and regions from South America and the rest of the world. He is a biologist, passionate about applied research and innovation and entrepreneur by vocation oriented to collaborative projects that pursue the common good. He is committed to the interaction between science, technology, environment and sustainable development. As a professional in the Business Consulting sector, focused on the promotion, management and development of projects with processes of internationalization, innovation and transfer.



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