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Ecopreneurs for the Climate we are a dynamic “glocal” community of climate practice, materialized into a global network of climate innovation labs, managed by climate organizers; where ecopreneurs meet climate activists and other key stakeholders, to co-create sustainable business solutions to climate-related challenges, for cities and communities, as well as companies and organizations. On-site working sessions are complemented by incentivized global crowdsourcing, which adds world-class innovation and international talent. The business development pipeline is completed by comprehensive incubation and acceleration programs (run by key partners) that refine, and scale up the resulting green businesses. Closing the loop, we identify best practices and successful models from across our global network; organize inspiring journeys to visit them, and match them with existing challenges elsewhere for new ecopreneurs to adapt and replicate locally, effectively transferring climate innovation around the globe.

Each lab within the network develops a sound business model that generates significant revenue for the climate organizer (lab’s manager), and its local partners. Check out the more than 25 labs already functioning in 15+ countries at, and contact us through the form below in case your organization wants to join this growing movement:

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If you or your organization are interested in running a climate innovation lab in your city, town, or community; please fill out this form:

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