The organization

“Ecopreneurs for the Climate” (ECO4CLIM) we are a nonprofit organization whose mission is to boost the creation and scale up the impact of cooperative, sustainable, and sound businesses that tackle climate change. To achieve it, the following concrete objectives guide our path:
  1. To promote, connect, and empower ecopreneurs that solve challenges posed by climate change, and create value for their communities, through economically-sound business solutions.
  2. To strengthen local green economy ecosystems, encompassing all key stakeholders, in order to provide ecopreneurs with all necessary resources and enablers to scale up their impact.
  3. To boost green business networks as effective ways to connect and bring the voice of ecopreneurs to decision makers, seeking to catalyze adequate legislation at regional, national and international level.
  4. To implement the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, by identifying challenges and leveraging opportunities to build an SME-centered green and equitable economy, driven by sustainable innovation and rooted in cooperation.

Nonprofit nature

ECO4CLIM is a nonprofit organization, registered under the Spanish Law 1/2002 from March 22; with VAT number G87635967, and legal address established at Alameda 22, 28014 Madrid, Spain. All revenue generated through the organization’s activities goes to cover related expenses, and scale up impact in pursuit of its mission and objectives. For the sake of full transparency and accountability towards partners and stakeholders, a comprehensive financial analysis is published as part of the annual impact report.