Thanks to our experience and that of our global ecosystem of partners, we offer consulting and support services for the design and development of green economy ecosystems and sustainable business networks all over the world. Our methodology adapts to existing business ecosystems, and encompasses three main areas:
  • Eco-entrepreneurship and green economy ecosystems: design and implementation of incubation programs for impact ecopreneurs, and strengthening of local green economy ecosystems, through capacity building and engagement of key stakeholders.
  • Sustainable business networks: setting up, development and international connection of sustainable business networks that create high added-value for its member companies, and contribute to scale up their social, environmental and economic impact.
  • Climate innovation: facilitation of open innovation processes for organizations and cities to tackle climate-related challenges; exchanges of experience and know-how among sustainable businesses from different networks and regions: best practices, replication and adaptation of successful business models, B2B cooperation mechanisms, joint forums and R&D activities.